Legislative Affairs

One of the main missions of the State Universities Annuitant's Association (SUAA) is to keep state officials, members of the General Assembly, other governmental officials and their staffs informed about issues affecting the benefits earned by higher education employees and retirees. Below is the statewide SUAA document on legislative priorities:

2020 State-wide SUAA Legislative Platform

The document below has been prepared by the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Urbana-Champaign Chapter of SUAA to outline our position on a variety of key issues likely to arise and to provide facts to support our positions. The document can be used by any SUAA-UIUC members who find opportunities to visit with state policy makers on these or other issues.

2018-19 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Principles

2016-17 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Principles, Goals and Fact Sheet

Prof. Robert Rich (retired) has penned a discussion of the process for changing the Illinois constitution and why participants in the SURS system should treat calls for a constitutional convention with concern and caution. Read the 2018 Statement on Constitutional Change

SUAA-UIUC 2015 Legislative Update: On May 8, 2015, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously ruled Public Act 98-599 (Pension Reform) unconstitutional in its entirety. Once again, the state legislature will be under pressure to enact reforms that contain the costs of future pension obligations.  Key issues of concern to our membership are summarized in the 2015 SUAA-UIUC Legislative Position Statement and Fact Sheet

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