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Note: These bylaws were in effect through May 1, 2011 through Dec. 6, 2020, when they were amended. Click here to see the new bylaws and the changes made.

Article I. Name.
This organization shall be known as the State Universities Annuitants Association
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chapter (SUAA-UIUC)

Article II. Purpose.
Section 1. The primary purpose of this organization shall be to protect, promote, and enhance the individual and collective interests and welfare of its members.
Section 2. The chapter shall represent the interests of its members to the university, to the state organization (SUAA), SURS, and other organizations.
Section 3. The Chapter may when appropriate direct its interest and support toward other matters concerning the general welfare of its members and public institutions of higher education in Illinois.

Article III. Membership.
Membership in this Chapter shall be open to all members of the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) including current employees, annuitants, their spouses, and survivors

Article IV. Executive Committee.
Section 1. The affairs of the Chapter shall be administered by an Executive Committee of twelve members. Four members shall be elected for three-year terms at each annual meeting to fill positions being vacated. Members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election to a second consecutive term. Members may serve at most two consecutive full terms. The outgoing President shall continue for one year as a voting member of the Committee. Newly elected Executive Committee members and elected officers shall assume their duties on July 1 following their election.
Section 2. Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled for unexpired terms by vote of the members of the Committee.
Section 3. A majority of the membership of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.
Section 4. The Executive Committee shall elect from its membership for the succeeding year the President, Vice President, and Secretary for one-year terms beginning July 1.
Section 5. The President with the approval of the Executive Committee shall appoint such committees as will further the work of the Chapter. The President with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee shall appoint a Treasurer and individuals to fulfill other responsibilities as needed.
Section 6. The Executive Committee shall arrange an annual Chapter meeting in the spring and additional meetings as shall be desirable. At each Chapter meeting the Executive Committee shall report its activities and the activities of any other committees of the Chapter since the time of the last Chapter meeting.

Article V. Elections.
Section 1. Each year prior to the annual meeting the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a nominating committee, which then shall select candidates for the Executive Committee positions being vacated. The slate of candidates shall be drawn with full consideration of the need for active participation on the Executive Committee and for comprehensive consideration of members’ interests. After approval of the Executive Committee, the names of these nominees shall be published no later than 15 days prior to the annual meeting. Additional candidates may be nominated from the membership by petition signed by not fewer than five members and filed together with written acceptance from the nominee with the Chapter President or Secretary at least one week in advance of the meeting at which the election shall take place. These additional nominees will be included on the ballot presented at the annual meeting. Nominations shall be made only as provided herein. Elections shall be held at the annual meeting.
Section 2. Following the election of the new members of the Executive Committee, the President will appoint a committee to present nominees for President, Vice President, and Secretary at the May or June meeting of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may make additional nominations for these offices. A majority vote of the Executive Committee shall constitute election.

Article VI. Annual Dues.
Annual dues will include the State Association dues and the Chapter dues determined by the Executive Committee. Members may pay their dues by deductions or by a single annual payment on their membership anniversary.

Article VII. Treasurer.
The financial records of the Treasurer shall be audited periodically by a special committee appointed by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall be bonded in an amount sufficient to cover the balance of the Chapter’s funds at the end of the fiscal year prior to the issuance of the treasurers’ bond. The Treasurer’s bond shall be paid by the Chapter. The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

Article VIII. Dissolution.
In the event of dissolution of the Chapter and after indebtedness and outstanding accounts have been resolved, the remaining funds shall be transferred to the State Universities Annuitants Association (Illinois).

Article IX. Parliamentary Authority.
The parliamentary authority shall be the current edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order.

Article X. Amendments.
Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by the Executive Committee, or by a petition to the President or Secretary signed by not fewer than fifteen members of the Chapter. Proposed amendments shall be presented for adoption at the next Chapter meeting. Notice of the proposed amendments shall be given to members at least 15 days in advance of this Chapter meeting. Amendments to the Bylaws shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members attending.

Original Constitution adopted April 1, 1970
Amendments first made and printed September 30, 1978
Amendments adopted fall meeting, 1985
Amendments adopted spring meeting, 1988
Amended membership criteria to conform to SUAA Constitution, 2003
Proposed for amendment at spring meeting, 2011 Amendments adopted May 1, 2011

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